What do guys look for in girls and what do girls look for in guys?

okay so my dad moved out at a very early age and I live with all women for the first 15 years of my life so I know quite a bit about women but almost nothing about dating just was looking for some advice


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  • Well, the ideal girl is the one who embraces all the virtues and the Form of Beauty. This is all entailed by health. Health entails all good things that a person should possess, though it is never perfect, it is being nearest that makes such a person beautiful, intellectual and attractive.


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  • Depends from, gal to, gal. Some want commitment some want sex depending uopn ur relationship with her. Just be a gentleman and respect her and be her best friend. U would soon figure out what she wants from, u n relationship

  • Intelligent
    Has a stable job
    Money Wise
    Not a cheater
    Husband Material
    Likes to try new things, even if they suck lol

    Basically. My type of guy, is a guy who would laugh at non funny scenes in movie theaters with me.


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  • I want a girl who cares about what I do as much as I do about her. A girl who enjoys spending time with me, appreciates my gestures, and makes the effort to reciprocate them.

    A girl who is understanding, kind, and independent.

    I used to think things like common hobbies, or common personality, was very important. Turns out it doesn't matter at all as long as the girl is accommodating, and is adventurous enough to try new things.