Is the guy I'm dating making an excuse not to hang out?

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Guy making excuse not to hang out :(?
So we've been on about 7 dates. I live in NJ, he lives in NY. We don't see eachother often cause he works all day and night an only has the weekends off so I see him once a week He works A LOT The last time I saw him was this Sunday for a few hours, we went to watch a movie. I really want to see him this weekend but yesterday he tells me he can't hangout cause he wants to start painting He's an artist and he just moved to a new apartment and he hasn't painted in a long time so he wants to start. But I feel like he's just making an excuse not to see me (((((((((( If he truly wanted to see me he would, He could paint any day! There were a couple of times in the past we didn't go out cause he wanted to be on his own at home. But he also wrote on his Facebook that he's a lone Wolf, which means he likes to be alone? Guys is he just making an excuse or does he actually want alone time to paint? I feel so hurt (((((


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  • You do have a point, so you already said the answer yourself. Maybe he's just not worth it.

  • well dear, it seems that he doesn't want to hang out.

    a) exhaustion because of overwork
    b) low confidence
    c) introvert/shy nature
    or may be
    d) he's seeing someone else

    it could be any one, you would know better based on circumstances


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