How do I know if a guy really likes me or not? It's so confusing and I have been in every single situation?

I've been in a situation where I met a guy and it was love at first sight, but then it ended quickly and badly. Twice.

Then I was in a situation where a guy thought he was madly in love with me, and then I fell in love with him and that didn't work out.

Then I was in a situation where I didn't like the guy from the beginning, wasn't attracted to him at all. But he liked me. Then I got to know him and really fell for him. Then he realized he didn't like me. And that ended badly.

Then I was in a situation where I was hurt from past relationships, this guy was hurt from pats relaitonships. We didn't really like each other, but were both just settling. That didn't work out either, but it didn't end badly.

So how the hell do you know if a guy genuinely likes you or not? None of the above guys ended up liking me or wanting a relationship. At the end it was always me struggling to make the non-existent relationship work. And it was always me who ended up really hurt struggling to move on.

I just don't get it. All situations were different, and each time I actually thought I was with a guy who really did like me but really didn't. Maybe they just wanted sex.


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  • Love is not an emotion, it's nomological in relation to you and possibilities which well-being stems from. You tease our their beliefs which is the best indicator of what possibilities they have the proclivity to act on.


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