My Boyfriend Sucks!!?

me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 months but we've been friends for about 2 years. We are both college students living at home until next semester. I am unemployed as he is not. He works 5 days a week and that doesn't bother me. what bothers me is that he doesn't have a car yet and he is currently saving up to buy one. Due to this he refuses to go out with me because he doesn't want our parents to take us anywhere. But the bad part about all of this is we live 5 mins away from each other and he won't even come over to chill. I don't know what to do anyone. I really love him and i miss him but I don't know how long it's gonna take for him to get a car. I have talked to him multiple times and even broke up with him but he just gets mad at me and tells me that I dont see that he's working so much for me. I rather be friends instead of having a title and then get back when we're in a better position but it would really hurt him if I left him. please help me.

There is no public transportation where we live and I don't want to walk to and from houses I want to out and do things with him like a normal couple do. We use to in the beginning but he no longer wants to.


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  • Work 5 days a week and help buy a car, and hang out with him by walking over if you're so intrigued?

    It's not that hard, but it's late at night and your entitlement tinkers with my inner rage, so I'll keep this opinion short instead. Considering I could go into detail on how you're obviously using him but it's better off if I don't.


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  • What's stopping you going to him? He's working, he's busy and tired. 5mins by car is probably no more than a half hour walk, or less if you take a bus/cycle. It sounds like he is doing a lot and you're complaining he's not doing enough, but I don't see you doing anything.

    • Going out every week is not cheap. Why don't you do it on the cheap and have movie night at home together and cook something. You don't have to spend money to spend time together, plus, you're not working. You are basically asking him to spend money when he's already working and trying to save for a good reason. If you were working and spending money on him going out, then yes you might expect him to pay also, but not in this situation, I think you might be being unreasonable about money. He's not objecting to time together just spending right? You can't expect one person to do everything. I'm sure you guys can think of something that doesn't involve spending much money every week. If you don't want to walk, seems like you don't really love him or are that eager to see him/spend time together. Maybe you just want a sugar daddy? lol j/k

    • "He works 5 days a week and that doesn't bother me" lol. Why would that bother you? You should be proud he is working, plus it doesn't sound like you guys even have a proper relationship because it has no title- with that kind of relationship, how could you think you have any right to make a demand on him to NOT work? The way I see it this comes down to his available cash. If he has money to spare (after saving for whatever) but is spending it on going out with friends and telling you he can't afford it THAT is wrong, but if he does not have te cash to spare you need to be understanding. You're with him because you like him not his wallet, right?

  • I would just freaking walk. I actually have an aversion to driving because of bad nerves, but it wouldn't stop me if you was that freaking close to my house.

  • If he wanted to see u he would make the effort and get a car so he could see his girl

    • Thank you. He is making an effort that's why he works so much but my question to you is should I wait it out with him and let him take care of business or should I let us go?

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    • It goes both ways buddy. If she wanted to see him then SHE would make the effort and get a job to buy a car so she could see him!

    • What the f*** he is already planning on getting a car and the Asker doesn't give a shit and is obviously just using him, wtf.

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  • Why don't you take the bus? It's a lot cheaper. If you want a car then you go get a job.

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    • Why do i need to lie when I'm asking for help with my problem? I never said I didn't want to walk, I specifically said that I did not want to walk to his house. I want to go out somewhere. the area we live in is not a busy area at all whatsoever. The nearest shopping mall is at least 30 mins away. It's impossible to walk there without crossing highways and putting our lives at risk. Please ask for more information before you jump to conclusions and accuse someone of lying. You're obviously not qualified enough to give anyone advice.

    • "Hey, do you want me to come over?"

      IT'S NOT THAT HARD TO ASK if you seriously want to hang out. O. o

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