Really miss talking to my ex (she has pulled a complete 180 on me). Do I keep the no contact rule?

Here is an earlier question I posted

So it has been 6 weeks since I've broke up with my ex. We have had some contact... but mostly for professional reasons (she was designing my website). I'm pretty amazed that she turned this icy cold on me this quick. We had some issues leading up to the breakup... but nothing serious. I didn't cheat on her or ever get violent or do anything very wrong. My theory is she met a new guy at her new job (She started her new job about 2 months ago). From there she started building up a mental case to get rid of me. I had been stressed out/slightly depressed about some working/living situations. I did complain a little too much to her about them. I also wasn't having sex with her anymore. So I wasn't completely surprised she did this... although I did try to remedy the situation when I noticed her attitude changed (cooked her dinner, bought her flowers, etc).

We are still friends on FB... she hasn't posted anything about a new boyfriend. Maybe she is hiding it or something. However I just want to talk to her again... as a friend. We used to talk everyday. She used to be crazy about me. I'm just trying to figure out why she would pull a 180 on me this quick.

Should I stop contacting her? Should I try reaching out saying I miss the friendship? She is more rational than most of the girls I met.


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    Take the fucking advice you were given and move on.

    She obviously doesn't want to keep talking to you (even if she did smile) so stop contacting her.


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