He said I was the best thing that happened to him. Could he be lying?

I've been seeing this one guy for the past 6 weeks now. We pretty much act like a couple whenever we go out and he labelled me his 'girlfriend' already.

Anyway, we were talking the over night because he might be leaving the country soon if he finds a job abroad. He burst into tears and was inconsolable for almost two hours.

He was saying things like that coming to do his masters wasn't as important as meeting me and said that I was the best thing that happened to him in a long time.
He also said that girls like me were rare to find.

He tried to go outside to get some fresh air, but as I got out on the balcony I saw that he was still crying.

Could he be faking it or am I just overthinking? Was he being serious perhaps? I've had a few bad relationships in the past, which always makes me question things a bit more. But I've never met a guy who has cried in front of me..


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  • Paranoia is not healthy for a relationship. Guys don't fake crying like that.

    Trust is VERY important in a relationship.

    He was very serious.

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