He isn't 'ready' for a relationship?

What is this bullshit? I have asked him over and over why and he says it'll 'complicate' us and he doesn't want to have that label. We've been seeing one another for 7 months, practically live together at university, yet he isn't ready for a relationship with me, Is it that he isn't ready for one with just me or isn't ready altogether? I believed if you liked someone enough you'd want them to be yours no matter what. Yet he doesn't..

He goes travelling for 3/4 weeks soon and a month or so back he said he'd make me his girlfriend by then, yet when we had the conversation recently that's when he said he wasn't ready. In my opinion I don't think it is fair to think I'll be waiting for him with open arms when he returns, this is something he doesn't understand. I'm not officially his, but he says I'm his, I'm not his girlfriend but he wants to continue. I'm not his girlfriend but he tells me he loves me? Taking all this into account he still speaks to his ex girlfriend, recently lent her money. They are on and off with speaking, deleting each other off social media, phone calls to explain.. and whilst all this is going on I have to sit back and accept it because they were together for 4 years. I'm just tired of it, I cry a lot at the moment and get grumpy and I think this is why. So can someone explain why on earth he keeps hold of me, but doesn't fully want me?


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  • Seems to me he wants all the fun of being with you without the loss of "freedom" that a relationship would bring. If he goes out and has sex with some random girl he won't feel guilty about it because he's not "in a relationship".

    There's nothing "complicated" about letting other people know he's with a wonderful girl and no longer available - especially after 7 months. If you're constantly getting upset by this then let him go. Not like you have the pressure of breaking up with him- you're not official anyways.


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