Had a really good initial meeting with this girl but having trouble creating same excitement as we get to know each other?

we meet sort of randomly a month or so ago , and our first time we hung out and talked at this restaurant bar for half an hour. we had a really good time that night I though and I felt we really connected and had a good conversation. but I've seen her several times since then at a couple different places and our conversations have never been as good and there hasn't been as good of a connection as that night yet I'm still really interested in her and think she likes me on some level.
I just don't know how to make things as interesting as they were the first time we hung out or why our connection seems to be fading as I though we hit it off and had a lot of common ground


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  • I would recommend asking her to go to a good restaurant and sit and talk about what you talked about the first time and take a walk through the city.


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