GUYS - What is your best opener to talk to a girl at a bar or club?

Is this a good line:

"Excuse miss, I just wanted to come over and say that you look very nice tonight... but I bet you hear that from your boyfriend all the time."

What kind of opener (that isn't a pick up line, cheesy or crude) do you use to initiate convo with a girl in these types of venues? What actually works?


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  • Don't call me "miss".
    Don't imply that you thought I had a boyfriend but approached me anyway. Although I do understand that you mean it as in, "you're so beautiful you must be taken" but it may not always come across that way.

    What about:

    "Hello, I'm ____. I just can't let such a lovely lady sit by herself. Or are you expecting someone?"

    "Pardon me, but you look so lovely that I was compelled to come talk to you."


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