Should I still go on a date if guy changes the time day of?

We made this plan to meet up for the first time 3 days ago for 8PM today. At 4PM he calls explaining his emergency about work which sounds legit and if we can get ice cream at 9 or something like that. Well it's almost 9 and I haven't heard from him. Should I even bother going IF he calls?


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  • It's only an hour, did he sketch you out or what?

    • I just feel that by the time we meet up, it will be 10 or so and I don't think that's so appropriate?

    • Whats his job? Sounds like it's night shift so thats his evening and not many people seem to set up dates before they go to work. An hour shouldn't matter that much, but on the other hand a date that late may not be as good as middle of the day for someone you're first meeting.

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