He asked me on a fancy date?

Long story short: This guy I've known for about 8 years and have dated on/off for about 3 years (long distance) asked me out a few days ago on a date for Saturday. He asked if I wanted to go to this new fancy restaurant that we need reservations for. I said yes of course and told him to let me know what time. He hasn't let me know yet. He has never asked me out this far in advance.. it's usually the day of. Furthermore, we have never gone on a "fancy" date...

Knowing him.. IF he follows through.. he probably won't contact me until the day of, which is fine by me, I just get anxiety wondering if it will actually happen.

The reason I have doubts is he asked me to hang out twice last weekend, both times I was going out with friends and invited him along, he said okay and I assumed he was coming. Both times he never showed up with no warning. The first day he bailed, he texted me the next day apologizing with an explanation and asked what I was doing that night.. then bailed again. He asked me out for a third time a few days later but I was busy/annoyed so said no.

Another thing is I never contact him and he has contacted me a lot (more than he ever has) in the past few months since we are both home for the summer. It's complicated, but we had a falling out 2 years ago and I thought it was done for good but he came back 6 months later saying he missed me. I don't fully trust him and he has been trying to build up that trust again for the past year or so, but I've been guarded with him although I am slowly starting to trust him.

Should I text/call him the day we are supposed to hang out to make sure we are still on? Or should I wait and see if he contacts me? I don't really want to let my pride down if he is just going to bail again.. I just don't get why he keeps asking me out if he won't follow through? Maybe the first two nights it was because I was going out with friends but still.. What should I do? Thanks :)


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  • You should contact him the day of.

    Just make sure he doesn't bail again on the spot.

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