Guy showed interest but distant himself?

This guy has known me for a month and used to text me all kinds of questions wanting to get to know me (e. g., "What do you like to cook? What do you do now that you're not working?, etc.). He even dyed his hair the same color as me (which is rare for a Chinese to be blonde) and said I inspired him to do it. Another time he lent me his wifi so I could surf the internet on my phone, and he said while smiling, "You'd have to stay by my side to use it" (because you know, once we distant the wifi stops working). It just seems like the "stay by my side" has a double meaning, don't you think? I don't know if these are signs he likes me. It seems like it. However he just distant himself more. Like after church he wouldn't come talk to me like he used to and would just drive home. When I text him the replies I get are not the same as before. The response rate used to be 95%, but now it's like maybe 70%. When he does reply he doesn't try to keep the conversation going anymore.

Now, I was ready to accept that maybe he lost interest for whatever reason, but then a few days ago during soccer, we were on opposing teams and I accidentally hit his face with the ball. (I swear it was an accident. Not holding grudges LOL). I kept apologizing and in an attempt to prevent the same incident, I hit the ball way off goal and away from his face. He made a joke that I didn't need to do that, and if I score a beautiful goal, he wouldn't mind being hit in the face. Hmmm... Does that mean anything? But then again he also left soccer that day without saying goodbye to anyone, not even to his friends. This is weird as he is usually a social butterfly. What's going on and does he still want to pursue me or not?


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  • He likes you and was probably going through something rough.

    Sounds like he really really does like you though.