Are there any single girls from Jena Germany?

I am an Engineer I have no life loool. Just kidding.
So.. I am new in Jena so I don't have any friends or social life yet. I haven't had a girlfriend before so i am totally bored here.


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  • In Germany, one proves himself with how much beer he can swallow. You want girls, you drink.

    • I feel like this is the answer to life...

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    • Yes u r but i don't drink loool. What should i do

    • Do what you normally do. Your question is just WAY too general, what to do to get a gf in some City, do what you normally do. Go join a book club, a triathlon club, I don't know!

  • Lol out of all the websites you ask on this? You'll have way more of a chance by going on one of those dating websites.

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