I want someone whose not good for me, how do I deal with it?

He selectively texts me, which means I'll be stupid and cave and text him every few days.. but he never responds. Just texts me once in a blue every week or so once a week. You know, sparingly. Yes, he has a job that would make him extremely busy.. but I figured he would be into the fun as much as me. I don't want him to be my boyfriend I just want him to be someone I can have fun with when I want to. But yea, it obviously doesn't work like that. Guys aren't always down for it, but he seemed into it. He gave in already and we did it. This is after weeks of me sending pics and him randomly texting me whenever from the first time he picked me up. We were flirting before that. I should just give up on the idea he's going to text me again, he hasn't since we had sex. He's also much older than me. Should I give up? :/


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  • Maybe he played with you maybe not. As you mentioned he was busy. But if I was that guy no matter how busy I was I would have texted you at least once to find you ok if I cared about you. Each guy is different though. So maybe you can wait a bit more.

    • should I stop texting altogether or is random sexy pics ok lol with me saying some things sometimes

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    • I can bet all my money you will answer him. :-D

    • I won't cave!!! lol

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