I just want my earring back?

This guy and I agreed to be friends with benefits for the summer. Things were great till he started flaking and ignoring me. Been a month since we've seen each other. It's whatever at this point. A few meetings ago, however, during sex I lost a hoop earring (they were $30..). He kept saying he's found it, then "lost it" once we'd meet up. He doesn't answer my texts or calls, and he's leaving for college sometime soon.
Any suggestions on how to get my earring back? Seems materialistic but I rarely have money let alone enough to splurge on jewelry. I was so pissed on the ride home that night to realize it was gone. Anyway, I want it.


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  • Borderline theft I'll say.

    • No. It's not theft at all. It's more of a "finders keepers losers weepers." Or a "I'm just an asshole so screw you."

    • True, that's why I said borderline... indicating not really theft.

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