Why are there so many negative stereotypes with dating Indian guys?

Ok, so I've noticed from my own experience that Indian guys (or any South Asian for that matter) seems to constantly have stereotypes working against him when looking for a relationship. I've heard things from they stink, to they're all nerds, to they're not attractive in anyway, among other stigmas.
Personally I don't think any of this is true. I mean, yes, I'm geeky to a degree, but I'm not like constantly on RPGs day and night or dressing up to go to every comic con on the planet. As for the other two things, many South Asians take very good care of themselves both physically and in terms of hygiene.
I know there may be other reasons but I hear these three the most. Also, I've been told in several occasions, "I'd date you but you're Indian and I don't date Indians." Does anyone have an explanation for this behavior?


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  • Well I'm assuming you're in america or some other western county and as diverse as it is here there are still big problems with prejudice. For the negative stereo types of indian guys ( i don't See how being a geek is Negative) a lot comes from the media but also remember stereotypes come from somewhere.
    india is a patriarchal country with lots of archaic laws about women an there rights, there is a high volume of rapes and violence committed against women this would definitely affect they way in which western women would see men from india as a whole and make them hesitant to date some one of that culture is it right to generalize everyone of course not but my advice is to date more open minded girls and be more open minded about who you date yourself or date women of your culture they are more likely to know where you are coming from and understand cultural mores I'm assuming you get this mostly from girls of european decent i can't really imagine many indian girls saying this to you

    • See I get that, but I try to go against the social norms cause I know how messed up the patriarchal society can be. I really try not to give off that hard core and radically traditional Indian image cause I felt like that was the issue. Your advice with the open mindedness makes sense though. I already try to stay close to my culture but I run into problems then. I should definitely widen my horizons. Thanks!

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  • The only thing is that every indian guy I know DOES stink. I'm not saying they aren't clean... I'm just saying I can't stand the smell...

    • See but the thing is when they stink they probably don't clean up as well as they should. I know I've never had the smell problem cause I'm very careful with regular showers and using deodorant whenever I go out. It might just be the ones you know but not everyone.

  • Yeah, it's called being racist.

    Not everyone has those opinions of south Asians, and if you constantly run into people that do, then you're probably just looking at the wrong girls or in the wrong place. Some people don't accept the possibility of dating other races. To each their own, but that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with your race of men. All these things you hear are stereotypes. Remember that the right girl will not judge you by your skin color or racial makeup. And if you keep finding ones that do, change your expectations or standards and really think about what you want. Why would you be interested in dating people with such narrow minds? Move forward, keep looking.

    • Hahaha, true. I guess I can't change the stigma that's there. Thanks for the advice and I'll definitely try to keep an open mind about it!

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  • These Stereotypes exist for a reason, a lot of Asian countries have different etiquettes in the way they treat women.

    And also a lot of Asians just study, they don't play many sports or have outdoor hobbies. And there definitely is a major difference in hygiene standards.

    • I mean that works if you're talking about a fob immigrant but i've been living in the US most of my life. I definitely don't act or talk like my cousins and they notice that so I'm thinking that it's just weird stereotypes that arise from what you said. I'm more American than Indian at this point so I don't see how my race really factors into any of this.