Should I be worried about him hanging out with her?

Before me and my boyfriend started dating he had this thing with this other girl. He had to kinda decide between me and her, and he chose me. Their friends now and hang out but I always feel nervous when he is around her. I'm kinda friends with her but I don't really know if she is the person to mess around with other please bf's. she is an attractive person . but I'm just worried if he still has a crush on her. I do know I'm a jealous person. my boyfriend is really attractive and all the girls love him and I guess that makes me really jealous when he hangs out with his single female friends. I've heard roomers he's a flirt. I'm just worried he might be doing things with other girls. what should I do?


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  • i have the same problem with my boyfriend. we have been dating a little over 7 months and he has this friend that he is really close with and altho she is nice I still get jealous of her. he works with her and that makes it harder but you have to trust him. My boyfriend and I talked about it and he says that he has no feelings for her and that if he had to chose between me and her he would 100% chose me.

    my prob is with my boyfriends mom because she said one time and she thought I didn't hear but she said that she thinks that my boyfriend and his best friend (the one I am talkin about that he works with) should be dating and are meant to be. hearing that really hurt a lot but he is still with me and I love him more and more every day. you just have to learn to trust your boyfriend and things will work out. he did chose you didn't he so just trust him.

  • Hmm...well, one thing to be happy about is that he DID choose you, which means that he must have feelings for you.

    However, if you're jealous, and he might be a flirt, this relationship is already built on a kind of rocky foundation. For all you know, these rumors could have been started by jealous girls. But if you can't trust him, then that's a problem. From what you've said, it doesn't sound like he's been blowing you off to hang with them, or spending more time with the other girl than you. Unless he starts giving you real cause to worry, like flirting back to the girls flirting with him, don't worry about it.