What is the romantic thing you can think of?

I'm curious. I love romance.


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  • Romance is and always has been simplifiable.

    Romance, in all it's forms, including it's not relationship form of being a "Romantic" at heart, or romanticizing and activity, is about an experience.

    Romantics like to experience things, they partake in mental pleasures. Watching a sunset, looking over a mountain gorge, enjoying the rain, pondering life, even creating a line of programming code or something that evokes a visceral experience that produces emotions in the user.

    Mechanical, rational, logical people are less romantic. They dissect an experience and find out what makes it tick, which largely ruins the visceral sensation you get from an experience. Much like I'm doing now by discerning what romance is.

    So what's the most romantic thing I can think of? Anything that evokes the deepest, strongest emotions of awe to be shared with someone, even if just yourself.

    Lying naked on and under a blanket with your lover under a canopy of trees, with rain water dripping down and warm air surrounding you. That'd be heaven.


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  • My idea of romance may be different to yours.
    I don't think all those cliché things as meaningful romance.

    To me, the best romantic settings comes directly from the
    heart, and isn't necessarily preplanned.

    It could be anything from a simple walk under a starry night sky
    sitting and just listening to the sounds of nature under a big moon.

    Or my last one I did, I was parachuting with my girlfriend and we could
    see the vast beautiful sceneries far away, then she would look back at me
    with those big sparkly deer eyes, and it was pure bliss. ^.^

  • Kissing the love of your life in a summer rain at night under the light of a lamppost. Laying to next to her on a hill, watching the stars. Sitting next to her on a bench in a park at night (when it's dark atleast) near water, hug her tightly as we are going to kiss eachother. The smile of her beautiful face. Her beautiful eyes. My heart would melt everytime I see her. Spending time with her. Hugging her, giggling with her. Having fun. And just her.

    If I ever had a "her" in my life that is..

  • i hate romantic things

  • A guy giving a girl roses and chocolates while telling her loves her

  • Lovemaking it's so romantic, no I am not kidding.


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