How and where have met your ex/current boyfriend/girlfriend?

Tell me all about it, who approached first, where did it happen, how was your attention caught? :)


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  • we were both three. not long after i started pre-school with my best friend Selina i was bullied constantly. i was quiet and shy and some girls a few months older than us would bully me for it. one day when the head bully, Isabelle, snatched the toy i was playing with away and pushed me to the ground i heard someone shout "Teacher Kayla! Isabelle pushed Janine down!" and he dragged our teacher to when i was crying and reprimanded the bully "You're not allowed to push people down Isabelle!" were the exact words he used. after a while i noticed him more in my pre-school class and he sat with me during story time and lunch time. he told me that his name was Matthew. he promised to keep me safe and be my prince charming and knight in shining armour. i remember telling my mum about how he was going to stay with me forever and we were going to live happily ever after. i fell for him even before i knew it was possible to love someone outside of family.
    we went to the same primary school and there he also protected me against bullies. we started calling each other "Matty" and "Janni" (thus my username here) and it became our special nicknames. still i never thought he would have liked me back, and i tried not to show it too much, not wanting to be disappointed. he was popular for a primary school kid. athletic, smart, good looking, well behaved. SRC, school captain, school sports captain, house captain, all A student and always picked to model for our annual school photoshoot.
    we entered the same high school and he still protected me. against some girls who tried to pull me into a cat fight, a group of guys who tried to rape me. when we were 14 everyone started "dating" each other and holding hands meant being boyfriend and girlfriend. that's when he asked me out for dinner and a movie. while other people lasted a couple of hours or a few days, we approach 4 years and 9 months soon.

    • This is an amazing, beautiful story!

    • thank you :) some people comment on how he made our relationship like a fairy tale... so i really hope it has a happy ending too. :)
      oops. i just realised i made so many spelling errors! sorry...

    • That's okay, English is not my native language so I completly understand! :D
      It really looks like a fairy tale, you both are so lucky to have each other. I wish you the best!

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  • I was watching game of thrones with my parents and these girls who were all sisters walked past my house and kept on walking up and down the front of my drive and asked me to come out with them so I did and a couple of days later I got with one of them but the problem was one of the girls who was younger than me liked me but I didn't then I started to like her and fucked everything up but I'm still friend with all of them and now I've been single for a month

  • I play soccer, forward (the position that specifically scores goals) and we travelled to her school for the game. So here I was in to the 23' min and the ball got crossed to me, I ran and took a shot, but just as I kick a defender slide tackled me and so the ball went in the wrong direction and hit her smack on the head (yer I know, not exactly the most romantic first meeting) Now I had no idea because I lost my balance from the tackle and went rolling down the hill that was on the edge of the field I was playing on. A couple friends of mine come rushing down, give me a hand up and so we get back up to the top of the hill and onto the field but my ankle is pretty screwed and I get called off and sent to the schools sick bay.

    So here I was walking to the sickbay and there's this beautiful girl walking next to me, so I say hi and ask her weres she's going, she says sickbay and I ask why. Imagine the shock on my face when she tells me I hit her in the face with the ball haha (I certainly did not find it funny at the time) but she did, apparently the look on my face was priceless. On the way up, we got to know each other and it was an instant click. But I knew nothing about this girl, so we both walked up to the bay. It was a good walk, very interesting haha.

    About 3 days later, I go to a party and you wouldn't believe who I see, so we start talking again and she never let it go that I hit her in the head with the ball, I guess I don't blame her haha. It was a good night, things went well and at the end of this amazing night, I'm walking her home (a couple streets away form the party) and its starts to rain, so I did the gentleman thing to do and gave her my jacket, and funny enough -.- as I'm doing that, her dad happens to drive down the road. So he stops the car, gets out and comes over, as he gets closer, I recognise my national soccer coach (I made a national team) so he's as surprised to see me as I am to see him.

    • Such a funny story! I hope you are well together, looks like she has a good sense of humor :D

    • haha her dad's a nightmare, but she's worth it :)
      Hahah yea, she's got one heck of a sense of humour

  • We met at work. We were both new interns. I remember being interested in the new girl hire, and she seemed really quiet and reserved but when she relaxes her guard and gets excited she becomes very animated and playful-violent. Early one morning when no one was in office yet, I followed her to the pantry and asked her out hesitantly. She said she was busy, apologised and walked off. I thought I should try again, so I walked to her desk, and asked a different date. She smiled slightly, and said yes.

    Unfortunately things with her got kind of complicated, so yups.

    • Let me say that you are a good man, I congratule you for taking the risk and making those first moves ;) We never know until we actually try to know people.

    • Thanks. :) I don't have the courage to ask a girl out instantaneously, but give me enough time around her and I'm able to convince myself that she's worth risking my embarrassment over.

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  • After an abusive relationship and losing a lot of my self confidence/ worth, I decided to start a hobby and that hobby was kickboxing. As I went into the class, the first person I saw was this cute/handsome guy with longish hair and braces. He looked young, younger than me and it turned out he was. He was athletically fit, he was very confident and I soon realised he was an instructor; my instructor. I looked at him whilst I was paying and he saw me.
    At the time, he really liked girls with red hair and loves big bums. I came in with dyed red hair wearing leggings and I have a larger than average bum so I think that caught his attention, aha.

    Throughout the lesson, he kept coming to me and helping me more than anyone else. I always caught him looking at me (he still does it now) and I'd smile at him and he'd quickly look away. I thought he probably didn't like me. He came up to me asking if I enjoyed the lesson and me and his friends had a chat, soon realising he was 16 months younger than me!

    After a few lessons, I was walking home alone in the dark and he was on his bike. He saw me walking alone and rode up to me on his bike. He walked me all the way home. We clicked, I didn't want him to leave. I wanted to stay talking to him all night!

    We talked on FB and he arranged for us to meet, we met up twice in one day once. I already really liked him but he started liking me soon after. One day, I went over his house because he needed something but we ended up staying there. We were cuddling all day and about 10 minutes before I had to leave, I kissed him. Then we kissed non stop before I left. The next day, he came to mine and I asked if he was mine and he said yes. He asked if I was his and I said yes and that's how the relationship started.

    17 months on, he's lost the braces, cut his hair short and got so much bigger, muscular wise. He's grown into a gorgeous man. We're very much in love and have the best relationship ever. We've found our soul mates!

    • I wish you all the best! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story, I need to convince myself that love is actually everywhere :)

  • I moved schools and in my acting class I met this girl and she introduced me to her boyfriend (K). I was the third wheel for a few months. My and my friend were sophomores and he was a senior. She was freaking out because he was leaving for collage in 6 months. I tried to calm her down by saying he would be close by still because he was in the same state still. Then she was having some difficulty with school because of the kids so she wanted to leave so she told everyone her dad got a new job so her family had to move. She lied to me and everyone else because she was really going to be home schooled. She cheated on her boyfriend (K) then they broke up then she cheated on her new boyfriend (N) with her ex (K). We were all best friends for months then she started being a real bitch. I started having feelings for her ex (K) and when she left me and K started dating and we have been dating for 8 months in 9 days. She also called K 5 times asking HIM ON A DATE while K and I were on our first date!

    • Girls can be such bitches... lol Thank you for sharing your story. I wish everything goes well with K now :)

    • Thank you! She is actually coming back to the school this year which really sucks. But K and I are great. :)

  • I was getting a coffee at a patisserie and he came up to me as I was ordering and said "I'll pay for hers". I was so taken aback and a little suspicious but we sat down and waited together, it was raining and he complained about it, I said I loved the rain. He asked for my number and two days later he called me and said "It's raining and it made me think of you, would you like to go to the beach for hot chocolate". Probably the cutest way I've ever met anyone.

    • OMG this is so cute! You're so lucky :'D Can I ask how old he was?

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    • I'm sorry to ask, but you didn't end up together? I never actually met a partner in such a cute way... I met my ex on the bus, we flirted for awhile but he never approached me. So I made all the work lol :)

    • We did for a year and a half. I split up with him a week ago. It was all good we just wanted different things in the end. Sometimes the uncute or normal ways make the best relationships! :D