My friend is really bad at finding good dates. How to help him?

In our group of five guys, we are ages 21-25 and all friends going to the same college. Two of us are engaged, and two of the guys have been in relationships for at least 2 years. That just leaves the last remaining guy. Let's name him Mitch. Mitch is 22, is 6-feet tall (182cm), about 185lbs (84kg), and has the worst luck when it comes to dating and women. Not only has he ever had a girlfriend, but all of his “first dates” are either no-shows or disasters if they bothered showing up because they “felt sorry for him.” Mitch is a great guy, but bad things always happen to him. Me and the guys keep insisting he's not doing anything wrong. He's really polite on dating websites (He shows us his messages when happy) and he shows proper etiquette in public and on dates (sometimes we double date with him to inspect). But he keeps insisting he's the problem everytime something goes south in his love life when there's nobody to blame. Like this one time, me and my fiance once did a double date with Mitch and this girl he invited from OKCupid to Applebee's; and 10 minutes into the date, his date snuck out of the back of the restaurant; and we later found out it was because she didn't like him after meeting him. Me and the guys really want to help Mitch out because this has been going on for a little more than 2 years now; and all of us can tell it's killing Mitch's confidence and personality. He jokes about being “forever alone”; but he sounds kind of serious when he says it. And everybody in our group tends to avoid talking about our own relationships and expressing PDA with our SOs in front of Mitch because it puts him in this quiet, semi-catonic state, and makes him feel bad about himself. We would do social networking through our group of guys and girlfriends/fiances to introduce him to a nice girl, but we sadly don't know any females who are single. I know a girlfriend for Mitch isn't going to solve all his problems, but how should we go about helping him?


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  • He could try wearing a nice cologne. From my experience if a guy smells good I instantly want to be around him. Also maybe you could all go to the gym together a few times a week so he gets in really good shape (6 pack) and will become visibly more appealing to women. I know it's shallow that women would pay more attention to him because of looks and scent, but this will get them to stay around to find out what kind of personality he has. Also get him to shave if he has a beard.

    • Mitch is the only guy in our group who wears $80 cologne because he's the only one who can afford it because all of us are really poor! Mitch has a $50K bank account, his own car, and payed his way all through college because he works like it's a religion. Mitch is probably the most athletic guy in our group because of his job and his size compared to The rest of the group; but that's not saying much considering all of us are kind of scrawny geeks. I wouldn't particularly say he's "out of shape", but he does have a little belly on him because of all he soda pop he drinks. It's only noticeable if he takes off his shirt. And he can't grow any facial hair lol. He tried it last year for No Shave Noshember; but it ended up looking like a neckbeard with a "pedo-stache" after one month. He shaves every day after that incident.

    • Then I suggest he wears pheromones

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  • is he ugly?

    • I wouldn't say Mitch is ugly, but I wouldn't give him a perfect 10/10 either. I would probably give him a 7.5/10.

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