Do you agree that love should come first? before a relationship?

After several weeks of dating, My significant other and I told one another that we love each other today and shortly after he asked me to "officially" be his girlfriend - I said yes.

But I got me thinking about all of the other times I've gotten into a relationship with some one (around 3 other times), I've always dated them first then we said the "I love you (s)" months later, which is the norm with a lot of relationships but after today and now that I think about it, shouldn't we be in love before we decide that we want to be their partner?

What did you do first?
Has it worked out for you?
Do you agree that you should love someone BEFORE you get into a relationship with them?

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  • I've done both. I had a mad crush on my 2nd GF before we sorta went out before she moved away. my last GF we knew each other online fairly well and when she asked me to be her BF I said yes. it wasn't tell some time later I truly fell in love with her.

    I think it depends on the person and the situation you two are in before hand. At lest for me I think it can work out very well both ways. I say play it based on how you feel about the person and what feels right to you at the time.


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  • I see no reason to be in a relationship with someone I don't love so obviously I would have to love that person before I decided to get into a relationship with her.

  • Love, is something you build over time.


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