Do guys feel the same way about girls?

When a girl likes a guy, or at least when I like a guy, it's like an addiction and I can't stop thinking about him. Do guys feel the same way about a girl he likes?


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  • Well, two years on and that girl I really liked (but left my life) is still the main thing in my mind. I can't sleep without imagining and wishing I would bump into her in the future.

    But dang, I was such a dumbass hiding how I felt at the time and waiting for her to make the first move.
    Just absolutely, unbelievably dumb.

    • girls love it when you make the first move.

    • guys can be shy or unsure how to go about making the first move so in those cases girls should understand and make the first move their self.

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  • if it's a girl we have a strong crush on I say yes. if it's a girl we think is cute but don't know very well it depends.

    • oh after answering the question I started thinking about this girl who was working where I work for a few months. I think she went back to collage or something. she's the closest girl that would currently fit your description.

      she had amazing curves (very fit)... I would go into more description about why I can't get my mind off her but let's just say she made me smile when ever I seen her at work.

  • That'll depend.


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