Does he genuinely still like me or is he just trying to sleep with me?

Anytime he is around me he's always touching me and playfully hitting me. Even when there's other girls or other people. He told me he liked me a year ago but i said to stay friends. He also tried to kiss me when he was drunk. And asked me to when are we hanging out soon and always asks me "do you love me" I always brush it off and he's always like I'm joking. I like him too but I don't know if now he just wants to hookup with me and have sex or if he still has genuine feelings. We dated in the past and have hooked up and had sex too.


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  • By like, I think you mean love. He is clearly physically attracted to you. To find out if he is emotionally attracted to you, ask him to do things for you such as errands. If he does them with excitement and enthusiasm, he loves you. If the is hesitant or not so happy about doing things for you, he is only interested in sex.

    Also, let him know that you like certain flowers or gifts or music, particularly around your birthday. If he buys them for you, he loves you.

    Finally, talk to his mom or ask to have dinner with his parents. If he has mentioned you to them and wants you to meet them he loves you.


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