My ex boyfriend got mad after a guy-friend gave me flowers?

Me and my ex boyfriend broke up because he told me he'd fallen for another girl and left me. I ended it after he told me he'd been seeing her while dating me. So, I was minding my own business in the local park today and he was standing outside a shop nearby, reading a newspaper. Now, I have a few guy-friends, which used to bother him when we were together. One of my guy-friends walked up to me and handed me a big bouquet of flowers. I hugged him and thanked him for the flowers, and then he left, saying I could call him whenever I liked. My ex then storms up to me and says: "Lucky I got out when I did!". When I tried to ask him about it, he wouldn't own up. Then, eventually he said: "Oh, that was some romance blossoming back there. Lucky we're not together, otherwise I would've been jealous!" and then he walked away. Why did he react like that? And what does he want from me?


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  • he's a dick:P and he still probably has feelings for you thats why he is lashing out like that, if he truly didn't care for you anymore then it wouldn't have bothered him. i mean look he even said he would've been jelly if you two were together lol. i dont understand douche bags like this, he left you for another girl and he's bitching about this shit. irritates the shit out of me.

    • "He's a dick" - Exactly what I thought. :D He tried to make out he didn't care by trying to laugh, but if he really didn't care, I know he wouldn't have even bothered to have spoken to me.

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