What should I understand if me and a guy were gettin along very well ! after a moment he completly disappears?

it has been a while that i knew this guy, we' ve been perfect, nothin bad happened ! until he decided to go to that trip with boys and thn i asked him for some space, he got mad afterward he didn't talk only sendin me his location each day, what should i understand?


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  • You. Asked. For. Space.
    He threw the baby (that's you) out with the bath water (your request for space).
    He found that he doesn't 'own' you, so he rejects you.
    It has nothing to do with the trip.

    • can u elaborate the idea for me please?

    • does this mean i lost him? or? what exactly should i understand?

    • Ah... I got to here from your message.
      You didn't "lose" him. You never had him. He's more in love with himself than you.
      He sees you as his property. When you pulled back (asked him for space), he may have realized that you're not dependent on him. He then rejected you --- for the worst of reasons.
      Consider yourself lucky. He's no prize catch.

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