What is she thinking? Mindblown?

Long story short - I went to a camp with this girl and we physically flirted a lot. Problem is that this preceded any actual emotional connection so I started texting her a while before asking her out to lunch. First time I had to reschedule lunch, then unfortunately she had to reschedule again. She didn't try to arrange another, so I asked her if she still wanted to have lunch and she agreed. For this third meeting however, work crops up the night before (I know it's true because she works with my friends) and she says sorry she can't do lunch. I told her it was no problem, and that she should go settle her work.

Thing is, she doesn't follow up at all - seven days pass and by the fourth day, I took it to mean that she really wasn't interested, had only agreed initially to be polite but now meant to politely reject me. I don't know her well enough to like her, but I was interested at least. After this however, I just thought to forget it.

Then today she texts me out of the blue again, and after I reply, she doesn't respond. In other words, I am mindblown. What is going on? I'm fine if she doesn't want to meet me - in all likelihood I did not cross her mind for the seven days during which she didn't reschedule lunch - but if a girl is not interested, why would she suddenly text me out of the blue again (and then ignore me afterward)?


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  • Well, it's hard to tell what's going on in her mind. I don't want to be mean here but who knows if she's interested in another guy who is giving her troubles of some sort and she looks at you as a second option when he goes away. Or maybe she's insecure and she doesn't feel comfortable taking first steps.
    You have to options: you let this weird thing go on or you "confront" her: it's ok to tell her you're not sure what to think but that you would still like to take her out if she's interested, but if not, it's ok with you.
    I hope you find the best way to deal with it. Good luck!

  • I feel like she is interested in you and she doesn't want to come across too pushy and needy. She is also probably assuming that you don't want to do lunch anymore because she keeps canceling on you and she is embarrassed by it. I would suggest continuing to talk with her and when the time comes ask her again either to just hang out or to go to a movie or something but don't be fooled by her silence she is most likely interested in you or else she wouldn't have accepted in the first place


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