Shy family oriented Christian Girls?

(Different from last question)

I like this girl. I believe she knows I like her. I have been talking with her for awhile. She had not gone to lunch or a date yet, but she enjoys talking with me on the phone. She is Christian and very quiet/shy and very family oriented (spends all her time just with her family).

Is there a way I can talk with her to getting comfortable enough to go on a date with me or at least hang out somewhere?

She seems to be enjoying our conversations. She only gave me her work number and not personal numbers yet. Yet, I'm the only one who ever calls first; when she does call and I answer the phones; she seems excited.

Any signs I should look for? and any advice? and my other questions above as well.

Thank you All:)


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  • I'd say, just be friends with her first. Over time, if it's meant to be, then it'll work out.


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