First date with one of my best guy friends...what should I expect?

I've had feelings for this guy for months, and over time we've become really good friends. We're on the phone every night, we talk all the time, hang out every now and then. We know almost everything about each other. It's been great!

A while ago (before we were really good friends) I told him how I felt and nothing really happened. Since that time is when we've become close. But now, I've heard through some of his friends that he's developing feelings for me as well and came to the conclusion that I would be "the perfect girl for him." We haven't yet talked about our feelings with each other yet, but he has asked me on a date to the movies (: We've hung out just the two of us before, but he called this an actual date, so yeah! This all makes me really happy. My feelings for him only grow stronger, and I'm hoping it's the same for him. His friends have said he's just needed time to really think about things and admit his feelings. I'll give him all the time he needs, just like I have been for the past few months :P

So my question is, what should I expect? Since this is an actual date, will it be substantially different than when we're just hanging out? I haven't even really been on a date before, and he's the first guy I've had these kinds of feelings for, so all of this is extremely new to me. But I am very excited, indeed (:


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  • it's only different if you make it be. I think that it'll be different just because you know how you both feel about each other, but if you're both already friends, that's a good way to start out. it shouldn't be too different though, from my experiences. don't expect your friend to act comepletely different or the same because they're probably confused too.