I'm really confused with this guy. How do I know if he interested or not?

I met this guy about 4 weeks ago, we started out being fwb, and both agreed NO FEELINGS. The very next day he started telling me he liked me a lot and wanted to be more than friends with benefits but wasn't ready to date. I am only 17, and he is 18 my parents didn't like us hanging around eachother and a bunch of drama happened. Now, I'm getting mixed signals like he said he just wants to be friends but when I see him in person he's all over me as if we are dating. I told him how I feel but he just tells me the same thing every time "we can't be together because of our parents" . Is he just making excuses now or am I just over reacting?


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  • I think he likes you for the fact you had sex with him. Now he is trying to have you in bed again. Its not the serious type


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