Does this sound like a shutdown?

I'm starting to get the feeling that the guy I've been dating for a month and a half is pulling away. I hadn't heard from him since we hung out monday, so I texted him today. Here's the conversation:
Me: Hello! How was your week?
Him: Hey! Not too bad how about you?
Me: It was good, but I'm ready for the weekend!
Him: Oh God me too. I'm gonna sleep allll day.
Was that a shutdown?

  • Yes, it was a shutdown, he's hinting that he doesn't wanna hang out
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  • No, you're overthinking it!
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  • Its easy to find out tho...
    Keep the conversation going and find out why he is going to sleep all day.

    Ask him, Do you want to hang out Sunday or whatever day.
    Try not to make up your own story, try instead to be honest and upfront, that's how you find out if you waste your time or not. If he is out of your league then yeah maybe he is trying to shut it down. If you in the same league maybe he is just very tired and had a busy week, its all the things you can ask him.
    Or call

    It should not be a chase game and you should feel it, if you feel he´s not so into you, then maybe you are right and your energy can be spent elsewhere or even best on your self.

    Best of luck,


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  • ask if you can come over and sleep wiht him duhhhh

  • ask if he wants to come and sleep with you, im surprised no one else has suggested this duhhhh


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