Is it wrong to sleep with your bf of less than 2 months?

So we've been dating for almost two months. I just… kind of want to go to the next level… but I'm not sure how to approach if and I'm not sure if it's too soon. He's a pretty conservative guy, definitely wasn't into hookups before we met. I don't know if we'll be together forever, but I do like him a lot. I know that only I can ultimately make this decision, but when is too early in a committed relationship?

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  • It's never wrong to sleep with your boyfriend, if you're attracted to each other.
    Any time is a good time, unless you're below legal age.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I don't see a problem with having sex within the first two months. I personally had sex twice with my wife on the first date. Once before the actual date and again after. lol Ultimately, you have the vagina, you make the rules.

  • You said he's a conservative and commited guy that you like. In that case, go right ahead.


What Girls Said 2

  • Nah. So long as both parties are interested, don't see anything wrong with sex within 2 months.

    There's just so many factors that let you know if it's 'too soon' and if that will still allow you guys to have a committed relationship. How long have you guys known each other? Did you just meet each other, not long after turn romantic? Find out his previous history in terms of sexual experience as well as relationships.

    I slept with my guy before we even hit 1 month. We're together 7 months and still going strong. I made sure to talk to him about how he felt about sex, as well as told him where I stood including worries I had regarding that.

    If you feel ready, give it a go! You'll never know unless you try. :)

    • Yeah good point. It's a little nerve wrecking with a new person lol. We've known each other about 2 months and we weren't really friends before that.

    • Try feeling out if sex to him is a really casual, insignificant thing or if he gives it more meaning. It's a good sign that you say he's on the conservative side, wasn't into hook-ups before and still hasn't tried to pressure you into anything. Plus, I doubt he'd stay with you for almost 2 months with no intention of sex in the future.

      He's probably waiting till he's sure you're comfortable with the idea. Up the flirting a bit to give him the green light, kiss him, increase the touchiness, and see where that goes. :)

  • It depends on where you are in the relationship. I think you should wait one more month till the three month period, especially if you want a committed relationship.

    • btw, I'm not saying it's wrong or shaming anyone who does, it's just my opinion

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    • Yeah, hm. Maybe once a week? or twice? depends I guess.

    • But in the grand scheme of things, if you really want this to work, what's one more month?