His soo!! *sighhhh*?

This guy that i keep in contact with is so sweet. His not in the same city as me. The only way we keep in contact is text messages, talk on the phone and i'm going to make him get Skype (he probably would, if i told him to) he calls me babe, i call him baby/sweetheart. It's to that point. (could be mistaken for his endearment). I just want to get this one text message interpreted from you guys. This is what we said:

Him: What are you up to babe? (sent: 7:48pm)
Me: Having a bbq, whats wrong? (sent:8:03pm)
Him: Not much just kicking back watching TV! Would've good if you were here. (sent:8:13pm)
Me: Why is that? (sent:8:26pm)
Him: It would be nice to cuddle up next to you. (sent:8:28pm)

I'm going to melt *sigh* is he being genuine or feeling a bit frisky or was he just really checking up on me? He always wants me with him. But living apart from each other (different cities) is the obstacle. (we aren't


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  • I think he was actually being genuine. i know I always try to keep my girl as happy as possible.


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