Cute ways to ask out a girl?

What are some cute ways to ask out a girl?


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  • I had a guy once ask me for directions, and for my phone number in case he got lost. He called me 5 minutes later to only tell me that he ended up at this restaurant on "so-and-so" street, and that I would need to meet him for directions again. It was the funniest, yet slickest pick up line/date I've gotten.

    That's irrelevant to you though, since you're probably not what you're planning to do.

    A simple note asking to take her to dinner left with your phone number is a cute and simple way to ask her out if you don't like confrontation.

    Girls like when they get attention, or are asked out, especially in front of their friends.

    Buy her a giant cookie asking her out on a date.

    Get her one of those little teddy bears that you can record a little message that asks her out.

    You can never go wrong with giving a girl a bouquet of flowers, or just a single rose to ask her out.

    Good luck on your date! xoxo


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  • There are no cute ways to ask a girl out because that would make you look like a scared pussy.
    Try something like this:
    '' Hey, you seem cute, I would love to meet you outside/take you out. WHEN ARE YOU FREE to get together.''
    -Be bold, be direct, but make you sure you both have some sort of chemistry before asking her out, if not, ohhhooo... REJECTION

  • Well, this one is only for when you're older: "Do you like me? Yes or no, circle one. :)"

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