[GirlsNGuys] Social Apps Meeting People?

Hello there,
here's the question regarding social apps such as whatsapp, wechat, beetalk etc.
I have a photo, normal description, not a creeper.. and basically i hate texting, usually use voice-recording to send them messages. And most of the time they would just either reply me in ''text'' or ''one-word/short answer'', does that mean they're shy or uncomfortable with me?
I wanna make it clear I don't wanna mess with these social apps and that's why using voice to make things clear and faster to make dates. Or these girls are using these things to fill their ''ego''?
Exceptionally, my experience told me vietnamese girls are more open to me and tend to use ''voice'' to text me when I ''voice'' them, and many local chinese are hesistant to do so.

Thank you for seeing and answering my question.
Have a nice day!

  • Yes. They're shy.
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  • No. They're filling their ego so these apps are pretty useless to meet people.
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  • I do think it is a little of both. You need to be able to distinguish between shy or ego builders.


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