Who is considered as a cute girl?

Now seriously dont say things like "wears elmo tshirts" or "is super young" or "acts like a baby"
In terms of like dating, when would you think that girl is cute? Whats her actions, her emotions and personality like for you to think that? I do mean a difference between cute and beautiful (that subtle difference)


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  • Girls are cute when they're normal... no make-up, no slutty clothes, no high-pitch laughter to DRAG attention towards themselves.

    A cute girl reacts normally, speaks normally...

    I strongly dislike girls who are forcing their way of being cute by having an annoying giggle or acting childish.
    My ex used to act very silly... she pretended to forget things or to make goofy mistakes just because "she thought it was cute". We broke up when she later cheated on me.

    Girls who want to "seem cute" for boys usually look for attention. No. Don't do that.

    Be yourself. whoever finds you cute should also be himself. :) Hope it helps.
    Peace ^_^


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  • For me I would say a girl is cute if she is pretty and not hot. Like I would say Evanna Lynch (luna lovegood from Harry Potter) is cute. Then people like Scarlett Johansson I would classify as hot. I don't know how to explain it in words but yea that how I would say what cute is. Perhaps put their pics side by side maybe you might understand what I mean.

    That is for looks. In terms of actions, emotions and personality. A girl would be cute if she down to earth in terms of actions and emotions. Not cold and dead or overly joyful. You know a little realistic about things and a little bit the optimistic side. I mean no one wants a sour puss but neither do they want the Grinch as their partner. I think that covers the personality too. So yea, that's what I would say as cute.

  • Personally, being cute and/or beautiful means nothing if your personality doesn't match it, it doesn't matter who you are, it's as simple as that. But to answer your question, cuteness is a delicate and attractive kind of beauty and most people would agree its more than likely associated with youth, innocence, and helplessness and the like.
    But beautiful, beautiful is outstanding and glowing. Unbelievable. Breath taking. It's something every girl has, they just need to figure out how it works (kinda like how we guys gotta figure out how you girls work haha) ;)
    Couple that beauty with a personality of loving and caring, and you'd be every guys dream :)

  • Mentally: Innocent. Cheerful. Shy. I forgot what it's called in English, but that unhandyness kind of thing, like accidentally walking into a lamppost due to not paying attention, dropping something accidentally and such. I would just be like awww~ It sounds weird though, because it's not like I want her to walk into a lamppost, but it was just an example.

    Physically: Having a cute face helps. Like nice eyes, cute smile and such. Being smaller than me helps aswell.

    There are some more things to be added, but this should cover up most of what I want to say.

  • Smile a lot, be happy, be good with eyecontact and bodylanguage.

  • Whatever you're doing, my answer is that


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