Does seem more than fwb?

We have been chatting since we met online 10 months ago everyday , we met when we can as we live 200 miles away and when we do we get on so well and sex is good. We chat about everything he says it frustrates him when he can't call me and this is because we work different hours , he wants to call me more often he says , I did say once because of worksite just message at weekends and he says he couldn't go a day with messaging me so no way go all week without contact with me , he's so sweet to me always Worrys if I'm down and says he cares , we have had ups n downs and misunderstanding but he always forgives if I'm moody towards him , we like each other a lot but it feels more than friends with benefits is this Normal? He says he wants me to show him around the places where I live next time he comes and even wanted to go to the cinema with me , what do you think?


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  • Personally and from what you've said I'd say it is more than Friends with Benefits. This guys does truly care for you and is showing all the signs that he wants to take it further than it currently is and that's almost always, no, its always a sure sign that there's more. If you feel the same about him, then go for it, if not, let him down gently, as I'm sure you'd want if you were in his position.

    Good luck, best of wishes :)


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  • Does seem more than fwb?
    Not in my opinion. This seems like a guy who is friendly/your friend.

    what do you think?
    I think you may be reading too much into his actions. I find most gals when they think of friends with benefits think booty call and think there's more if the guy is friendly.

    • Not sure , do you message your friend all day every? I no the difference and I'm not wanting more it's just that I have never done a friends with benefits before so just asking if this seems normal

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    • Again by your description it seems like friends to me. It also seems you want this to be more by how you're seemingly 'arguing' against the notion this may not be more. Why not just ask him to be your bf if you want him?

    • He will always be my friend. maybe I'm not use to a guy being this nice to me , always been treated badly so it's nice :)

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