Should I text first again?

My boyfriend, who I only met a month ago and haven't seen much, always replies to my texts but never sends the first one. When he replies, the texts say that he misses me and he seems happy to have heard from me but he never makes that first contact (so I don't feel like he thinks about me much)

In the last text he said he would send me an email later and 2 days later I am still waiting and he hasn't texted either.

I know he is away at the moment and it will be hard for him to email but if I say I'm going to do something I would do it.

I know that he can't always text or email as he is working and currently away visiting his family, but I would expect him to think about me once in a while and contact me.

Should I text again, bearing in mind it has been 2 days and see how he is or wait for the email.

Guys- if you don't want to see someone, wouldn't you just not reply to their texts? And why say you miss them if you have no intention of seeing them again? Surely by saying you miss someone it is a green light that you want the contact to continue?!


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  • I feel your pain- I'm having the same problem! When writing my question I felt confused and needed answers from some one other than myself to feel as though I have some insight into what is going on. However when reading other peoples questions that are similar to mine (such as yours) I think to myself- who cares if he is into you or not, if he is acting in away that makes you feel anxious and somewhat desperate when that isn't in your character, then he isn't worth it, regardless of how he feels towards you. If he was worth it then you wouldn't have to post a question! However, I am in a similar boat and I understand that it just feels icky not knowing and you would probably rather just have the answer straight from the horses mouth. My advice- and so far it has given me a bit more perspective- read some of the other questions posted on this site that are similar to yours, see what your answer would be to those people and then apply it to your situation! Good luck, hope all works out for you and you can find a solution!


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  • i would not reply to text. or if I did, then I would reply like in a short text and not say things such as I miss you ect.

    also I could however forget, even if I did like the girl.

    um. maybe not a green light though, it is somewhat of a polite gesture. but at the same time it is a good thing at a minimum.


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  • Ok, I am going to be a bit harsh but I think you need to hear it! He's just not that into you! Guys would rather lose their right arm then tell a girl that they're just not interested anymore. They will string you along or just not answer for as long as you persue. That isn't fun for them! They like the chase.

    It sounds to me that you need to feel secure in yourself first. Don't be waiting around or getting your stomach all in knots over a guy! You've been dating a month. Big red light.

    I never text, call, contact in anyway the guy I've been seeing first EVER! I hear from him all throught the day even though we can only get together 2 or 3 times a week...there isn't a day or a place he is that I don't hear from him.

    Good luck!