Should I date this guy? HELP ME PLS!!?

Hey. There is this guy i met in gym 4months ago. We used to talk sometimes n he seemed really interested to me like he ask for my FB n he used to always chat with me. He asked me so many times to go for lunch with him. So then after 4months i decided to have a lunch with him.
When he chats he always call me babe, but we r not yet together :/
Well the day i went out with him, it was kinda awkward. He seems a really nice guy, a gentleman n he is quite smart. But he is a shy guy n confident.
But he always made me feel good about myself , caz i have a very low self confidence. He always says that i look good n have a fit body n all.
But the thing is tht i like guys who r funny n make me laugh, but i dont really find him funny. Or is it maybe we r not yet too close? He seems also kinda hairy guy, like his arms n chest (caz i saw his shirtless pic in FB) but i dont like hairy guys :/
But he is extremely sweet guy. N he always makes me feel good n confident. Now i dont know if i should date him or no.
Sometimes i feel like i should not n sometimes i feel like i should date him.


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  • Date him. I thought my ex was ugly and fucking annoying. When I dated him, I found him hot and funny. I am not sure why. I thought he was so hairy and ugh. Now? I wanna see him shirtless lol.