I'm on okcupid and no one is replying to my messages when they are online?

Do any of you have any idea why is this happening to me?


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  • You aren't attractive/dont show that you have the big bucks, thats why. Girls dont want an average guy, particularly online. If you don't have at least one of those two things, you're basically a nobody to them, and they have not even an inkling of desire to respond to your messages, because they see you like a second class citizen


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  • It tells you on OKCupid how often people actually reply, such as ''replies often'' or ''replies selectively'' - it tells you on their profile I think. I haven't been on there in a while, so it may have changed.

    Some people just don't reply on there for numerous unknown reasons.

  • It could depend on what your profile says and how to approach the girls online.
    Trying using clear pictures and filling out your profile correctly.

  • What's your profile say? How are your pictures? What's your message say? Are you messaging girls out of your league?

    • Lol i just want to talk to people.. seems like no one is friendly! My picture is fine my messages are mostly about how close our matches are.

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    • You know so much about okcupid? How can i find you there?

    • I don't online date. Sorry

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