Why without reason there cannot be faith? Is faith & reason two different things or the same?

Ok, so I know this question is under the wrong topic but there's no area for philosophy questions on here. Anyways, some people say that faith & reason are two different things but in the English language, there's several words that mean the same thing but are just spelled differently. They say that without any logical reason or evidence, there's no such thing as faith. But my thing is there doesn't have to be a reason or explanation for everything. Why can't we just be? The most wonderful things in life cannot be fully understood by the human mind but deep down we know those things are real even though they're intangible.


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  • It's similar to how do you know if something is right if there is no wrong, or how do you know what happiness is without feeling sadness? However, you can faith without reason. Many rational and logical people will criticize people who have faith. To have faith is to believe that someone who is less capable or a really high improbability will happen. Reason assumes based on the fact A and B, C will occur. It's gut feeling versus evidence. Sometimes having faith in something could be considered irrational.


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  • I'm going to dismantle the post and respond to a few key lines.

    "people say that faith & reason are two different things but in the English language, there's several words that mean the same thing but are just spelled differently."
    What's your point? Faith and reason are not synonymous. Faith is when you don't have any good reason to believe something, yet you do it anyway. Perhaps because it makes you feel good, or because you can't be assed to learn the truth.
    Reason is when you do have a good motive for believing something. If I drop a pen, I can be pretty sure it's going to fall to the floor. I've seen gravity in effect enough to know it's still there and it works.
    I can demonstrate thing X, therefore it's reasonable to believe it.

    That's the main question answered, but there are a few more things in the post I want to respond to -

    "But my thing is there doesn't have to be a reason or explanation for everything"
    This is a bit vague. But really, the issue here is a case of, 'Do you care whether or not what you believe is true'. The way this post is written, I'm assuming your basing this discussion around faith in a God or Gods.
    Everything we know to be real operates according to a few rules of nature and science. You can believe in a God all you want, but there's no reason I have to take your claim seriously. And just because you don't care about the truth, doesn't mean I can't either. If you have no reason for believing thing X - that's fine, but you are wide open to criticism.

    "The most wonderful things in life cannot be fully understood by the human mind"
    Every time I see this line, it's always about God. Oh, how incredibly convenient that your God cannot be understood by the sceptics, but the believers can claim to understand it perfectly well.
    It's such a flawed position. If I can't understand it, you can't either, and then there's no point in continuing the discussion at that point.

    • What i meant with the whole there's several words in the English language is that just because something is called a different name, doesn't mean it isn't the same thing. The words sad & despondent means the same thing but one is just called differently.

      The most wonderful thing comment was not about God. It was about all those

      I don't think there needs to be a reason for everything. Just because that reason is not proven doesn't mean i don't care about the truth. I know the truth deep down inside. Sometimes you just have to stop questioning and just go with your gut feeling. I never said you have to take my claim seriously. Your welcome to believe or not believe but who made science? Who made those rules of nature?

      Also, this is a response to the pen situation. I know you know that the pen you drop will fall on the ground due to gravity but the old & the tried gets boring.

      Yes, there doesn't need to be a reason for everything sometimes you just know.

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    • Ok and every tool comes from an inventor. Even you came from someone. Is my question stupid because you've no anwser for it? One don't be rude and two you don't know everything. You try to come off all smart and logical but you just come off so rude.

    • Science isn't a literal tool. But if you want to talk about an 'inventor' of sorts, I guess you could look into the various scientists who came up with whatever methods you want.
      I gave you my answer already. There is no 'Who' for who created science. It's a method.
      It's bit like math. People may have come up with numbers and learned to count, but math is a concept that always existed. We just learned how to use it.

      I have never claimed to know everything. In fact, I'm the one here who will happily answer 'I don't know' when appropriate.

      You try to come off clever, but you just come off so dishonest.

  • Faith is belief without provable evidence. Reason is logic with palpable evidence.

  • Faith is believing something no matter what the evidence, or lack of evidence says. Reason is examining the evidence and making a logical conclusion on that. Basically you either trust your feelings, or you trust in logic. Much of the time emotions and logic are not compatible. The extreme of either can have really negative consequences.


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  • Faith is belief without reason. Reason is based on evidence. You can have both if you doublethink. Faith is like going with your gut which you need to do sometimes because you don't have all the facts. Sometimes reason won't get you all the way and it's the same thing with faith

    Humans need faith or we just go nuts. Even in science, we hold faith that we know enough and observe enough to make logical conclusions. However in cases like gravity and a lot of Einstein's and Newton's theories, were scientifically proven wrong.

    Humans need faith, but what faith you have is another question entirely.

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