I like to feel virile a bit, is that weird?

- I like wearing tomboy clothes. That's basically a guys style but in a girls style.

- I can protect myself. I don't need a guy to craddle me like a baby. But if he insist, I won't deny his offer. Lol

- I'm not really girly. Nail polish, make up, high heels, skirts, dresses, bikkinis, and jewelry aren't my thing. Unless it's a bracelet. A thin one not like girly.

- I'm not traditional. I don't want to quiet my job to stay at home, I don't want to cook for a guy, and I don't like cleaning a lot. Lol

- I'm not a submissive girls. I don't like guys treating me like a kid. I don't want you bossing me around or trying to control me.

=( *tear*


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  • There is nothing wrong with that at all! Everybody is different. I'll just be honest, outside of romance/sex, I am a natural born leader. I'm an officer in the Air Force Auxiliary, about to be in the Air National Guard, and will hopefully be an officer in the Air Force. But when it comes to sex & romance, I love being the submissive. I would rather have the woman tell me where to go, and not play the game of car & mouse. She knows what she wants, and there is no game. And in bed, I would love to be the submissive, taking orders from my wife/spouse.
    But I don't try to hide this, and I'm not ashamed of it. You shouldn't be ashamed to want to be more macho than other women, and wear clothes like men. Nothing wrong with it!


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