How to stop feeling sad all the time?

i brokeup with my ex weeks ago,... but last week i saw him and his new girl together,

plus he is taking her on a vacation, he wouldn't even take me out to dinner :/... although last year he told me he would take me on a vacation but now he is taking his dream girl.

i know i sgouldnt care at all, he left me for looks but it shouldn't have to put me down but it does,... i havnt been this sad for this long apparently,

i try to date other guys but it just doesn't settle for me, most of the time i just feel emotionaly unsettled,...

i go out with firends, i shop, i paint alll day, (im a artist).

sorry if this seem like a silly drama bf/gf thing, its not like i got a divorce or anything,... but what puts me off is that he takes his new gf to vacation and he never brought me dinner,..:/


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  • I know this is a tough time. I know what it's like to have someone leave you for another person. It hurts like hell. I would advise you to go No Contact with your ex. You don't want or need to know anything about him, what he is doing, where he going. You don't need to know any more than you already do about who he's with. Tell all of your friends about your No Contact policy, that it's in your best interests, and you don't want any second hand news. Don't check up on him on social media. As difficult as it sounds right now, you WILL feel better. Hang in there.

    • my thread feels so thin, not sure what else to hold to, and yeah one of my firends told me were he was going with his new girl...

    • Your friend who told you that was NOT doing you a favor. You don't need to know about that. Your friends need to support you right now.

    • yeah your right i guess il surround myself with better firends next time...

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  • It's good that you're keeping yourself occupied, don't update yourself on what he's doing, move on. I'm sure you'll be able to find someone that will take you on vacation AND also buy you dinner during, hahaha.

    • vacation and dinner would be like a combo lol

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    • :) have a good day you...

    • Thank you, you too!

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  • He's one of those guys that dropped you when he found someone more "better" looking.
    His loss, honestly. This should be a reason for you to move on from him because now you know for certain he only went for your outside features. He didn't love your soul or who you were.
    A guy like that is not worth the tears, girl. You need to take some time to really reflect on that. You are not the product of how you look on the outside, there's a whole new person inside of you he did not appreciate. And for that, he's a dumbass.

    • loved your answer espeacialy towards the end of it ''he's a dumbass'' lol... il rate this as most helpful coz this lifted my sadness pretty high, didn't think anything would actauly click my mind that way like your answer has.

  • It's completely normal to feel this way. I've been there, almost everyone has. I know it hurts not to be with him anymore and it hurts a hell of a lot more to see him with someone else. But he wasn't right for you, he never was. Look at it this way, you weeded out one more guy that was wrong. You're one guy closer to your right guy

    • thanks i will thikn of it that way for sure... good mind click i got from your answer.