Found guy to be annoying/awkward/one way on first date… call it off or give him a 2nd chance?

I met this guy online. We've been talking on the phone for a couple weeks. He has a very strong accent. He's really nice, but… I think it's either his personality or culture? He's just very… tells me what to do?

We talked today on the phone and he asked me what he should wear when we meet up and then told me to wear something similar because it's hot outside. Idk, weird. I told him I was cleaning my apartment and at the end of the conversation he was like well finish cleaning your apartment! I think he was kidding, kind of, but so far his humor is odd. We went for a walk in the park and he asked if I play frisbee. I said no… so now he brought a frisbee because he wants to teach me…. what if I didn't want to learn? Idk, I was nervous enough, why do we have to add in an activity that I suck at?

Idk, he called before we were meeting… which I thought we had already decided and he was like well we need to not be so indecisive and make a decision at what we're doing and what time. I thought we'd already said what and when we were going… he even asked me what he should wear. Then told me what to wear.

Earlier, he also map quested how far it was for me to get to where we were meeting. I said I could do it and he just went ahead and did it on his computer and then told me over the phone. I didn't want to give out my personal address and he kept asking well what are you close to?

He totally insisted that we play frisbee and I didn't want to. I just wanted to walk and talk and get to know him a bit… not show my lack there of skills at frisbee. So awkward. The whole thing was just awkward. I like him? But I may also only like him b/c he's the first person I've found to remotely be anything like what I want. So what do I do?

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  • You're the kind of person that like to "go with the flow", and is very individualistic when it comes to life. He is the type of guy who likes to take control of every situation. I've met a lot of people who are like that, but based off of past experience with dates and other friends, he is trying his best to be nice.

    If you are unsure of where your future may stand with this man, but you like him because he is remotely close to what you have been looking for, give him a second chance. In fact, in this second date, you should do the same to him. See if that makes a difference?

    If all else fails, search for quality over looks. Good luck with everything. xoxo

    • Oh well this is all quality over looks lol. I always put quality first. It's the quality is what is lacking here. Yes, I am very go with the flow and he is super let's plan every detail to the minute...

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    • oh apparently next weekend lol. he just asked. should I tell him over text that I just want to be friends? before we go? after we go?

    • That's up to you if you want to be friends. You guys aren't official in any kind of way until he asks you to be his GF. If the second date doesn't clear some concerns, then you break the "Can we just be friends?" text.

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  • Hey !
    I may not have the best answer here.. As far as I could understand, he wants to take control of the relationship. If you were a girl who doesn't mind the taking control thing, then this whole relationship may work out. But you don't like it, and you find it annoying too. My opinion is to talk with him.. Give him another chance.. Look whether he decided to change his ideas or not.. If not, then maybe it time u ditch him !
    Hope you do well !!
    Take Care !

    • See, I mentioned the whole frisbee thing to him and he was just like well it's something new for you to try. Idk, I just found it annoying and pushy. You're right, he comes off as a guy who likes to have all the control in the relationship. I never do well with that...

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    • I guess you've to break up with him. He's too pushy and you're not comfortable. I don't think this relationship would work..

    • how do I do it when he really likes me?

What Girls Said 2

  • LOL helllll no. Gtfo of that one. Yikes. Sounds like a nightmare. Tell him if he wants to boss someone around he needs to adopt a kid not get a gf

    • hahaha yeah, good point.

  • When people show you who they are, believe them. The bottom line is he's controlling and domineering, whether he's being nice about it or not. Now if you are ok with that, then give him a second chance. If not, leave it alone! If its like this on day one, it hardly going to change in the future...

    • that's a good point. I think I am afraid I'm judging him too early… but then again :/

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