How to use humor to get her to like me?

I have heard/seen that humor is the best way to a girls heart. And I have even experienced that. Humor always gets rid of any awkwardness in a relationship or in anything, and it's always just so cute.

So how can I use humor to get a girl to like me more? Not just showing her funny pictures or telling her stupid jokes, but what can I do to make her laugh, and get her to like me more?


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  • I agree, humor is the best way to a girl's heart. I'm assuming you know this girl fairly well. So joke about her interests, especially common interests you have. I would joke around with a guy I knew about this teacher we both didn't like. Not mean hearted, but true and funny stuff. Don't force any humor though, try to be relaxed and natural. Hope I could help! Good luck! :)

    • That's one of the problems. Every girl I like (and that is no exaggeration) ends up not liking me back. So I get so worried and worked up I end up forcing it. And I never relax. And when I do, I am too slow and not interesting enough, so I just come off as a good friend. Which isn't bad, except it happens every time. It's like, I either come off as a creep, or just a friend.

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    • Aw, don't be so harsh on yourself. I'm sure it doesn't make you annoying? Maybe you just feel that way because you feel more relaxed and open in a group, but you worry about what your peers think of you afterwards. They should be accepting of you.

    • Thanks so much for MHO! Hope things worked out!

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  • Maybe you should say things like if she says oh the sky is so pretty you could say like you then I mean obviously not that but it would make her giggle or reallyy good puns are always funny I definitely think a funny guy is more interesting and attractive

  • I know it's cliche, but you have to be yourself. Relax and tap into your natural sense of humor, which is different for everyone.


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