Has He Lost Interest Or Just Biding His Time?

So I had a break in a few months back and some cops came round and did some investigating. Three weeks ago the cops came round to say they had finished their investigation and were closing the case, and one of the cops, a female was the one who took the complaint down at the start, but this time she was accompanied by a diff male cop, this guy was flirting with me whilst his partner cop was talking to me and then he kept trying to get my attention and listened to my concerns and agreed with all i was saying and he seemed concerned. In fact he even raised a few eyebrows from the female partner cop who could see he was into me. Eventually they left and i was surprised by the male cops forwardness, i think I've seen him before in another local town and it seemed he wanted to get to know me more.

Its been 4 weeks and he hasn't made any attempt to get in touch but knows where i live. Was he interested or just being nice? I dont think he's married and he's well known in the city and popular amongst the locals. He may have a girlfriend, who knows and also he's a senior cop not a pc like the partner. He didn't ask me out as the female cop was there, or was he just being nice? I may bump into him again and the cops are keeping a watch in my area regularly so there's no more break ins.

I forgot to add, he touched my hand as we brushed past as he was leaving, not in a sleazy way btw!


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  • It's hard to say. I would think he would've asked for your number if he was interested, I wouldn't think he would just show up at your house if he wanted a date. I guess he could find an excuse to come there though.


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  • he`s a bird
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  • Just being nice.