Why isn't he replying to me?

So I've been talking with this guy for a few weeks, we've been talking almost everyday up until yesterday. Two nights ago, he invited me out to the club.. It was me & him & his friends. The night went well , we kissed and made out but we didn't have sex even though I spent the night. He was sweet the whole night and the next day drove me home - his brother followed me on Instagram the next day which surprised me they are very close even that night his brother told me he likes me bc his brother likes me.

I texted him yesterday a few hours after he dropped me off "what are you doing?" And I never got a reply. He did snapchat me after though and he even snapchatted me today , I don't think they were to me only but he still selected my name to send to. That confuses me.. I would assume if he's snapchatting me he's not upset with me so I don't understand why he wasn't replying. There's a slim chance this is technical issues because I dropped my phone that night but I don't know I really think he would've said something by now - we literally text everyday since we met.

What should I do? Should I send him a? This is even more weird bc he seemed to be kind of wanting something serious , he was very protective of me that night and so romantic. What do I do?


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  • Ignore him for a bit if he likes you he will contact you


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  • Did you send a snapchat back? May be safer if you think you can't get his texts.

    • I think I'm getting them now but there's a chance my phone was messing up yesterday - should I text him or is that excessive?

    • Safer to just "respond" to his snapchat instead of 2 texts and no answer between imo, then change it over to texts again.

  • Maybe he got to know that his bother likes you
    So he wants to get out of his bothers way


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