Why did he want to know about my date?

This is a different guy. He's just a platonic friend. I told him that I was going out on a date and he seemed upset. He is not that close with me so I don't get why he would. He kept asking questions "Who is he?" "Don't go out on a date with him, come out with me tonight to a party" I declined, cause I don't feel like getting wasted tonight lol. So then I went over his house, and he was flirting a lot and acting pretty sexual to some extent lol, then he kept asking more questions about my date.

Then when I left I looked in my purse and found a note that said "Sara I love you sweetheart" What the hell? Lmao. How am I suppose to take that note and why would he write me a note and put it in my purse? Haha. Also why would he ask about my date? Just curious, thank you!! :))


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  • He is in into you girl. He is jealous of the guy so that's why he was asking questions about him. Then when you declined his invite to the party to go on the date, he felt like he was losing you, thus the last minute desperate flirting and the confession note of love.

    • LOL! You think? Also on Facebook he posted a post with a frowny face lmao. I hope it's not because of me :( But yeah you are probably right. Thank you!!! :))

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  • ha ha ha ha I don't think you got any 'platonic' friends young lady :-)

    YOU consider them platonic but they are falling all over you

    He asked about your date (you know the answer for sure) cause he was jealous, envious and wants to know if he stands a chance yet or not :-)

    • Hahaha, well I see what you mean but they are platonic. Yeah I think you are right! Thanks Raj! :)

    • Platonic according to YOU - I did say that ;-) can't blame those poor chaps though lol

      You're welcome always young lady :-)

    • Hahahaha! Yeah Raj! You're right! :))

  • I agree 100% with fart, valerie could be right also but considering his behavior before the party fart is right. I just can't believe he put that note in your purse versus not telling you how he feels to your face, I'm sorry but that's hilarious.

    • I know I was cracking up the minute I saw that, haha. I did see him put something in my purse but I thought it was something of mine that fell out of my purse, so I didn't pay attention to it, until I left. However, he was acting very sexual, he answered the door with his pants down, lmfao. Oh man! It was a crazy time with him haha. But yeah I agree! Thank you for commenting! :))

    • That made me laugh a little so the pleasure was mine.

    • Hahaha! Yeah he's a hilarious dude! :))

  • He likes you! how do you not know? He just doesn't have the cojones to tell you in person.

    • I do kinda know, he does tell me to my face that he loves me, so I don't know why he would write a note, cause he does say "I love you" to my face lol. But thank you!!! :))

    • Ohh well he just wanted to make sure you knew again that "He loves you".

    • Hahaha! Awww :) That's pretty cool then! :)

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  • he's probably jealous and he was probably being flirty because he was drunk

    • Lol, I think you are right! Cause I drank a beer with him, so he does have beer, haha. Thank you! :))