Where do girls wanna be approached by a guy?

coffee shops? museums? going to a restaurant by yourself? how to meet women who want a relationship?


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  • Coffee shop/ University / Library / restaurant are all fine :)
    Clubs... hmm... depends, coz I couldn't ever hear ur name so..
    But rmb to look her in the eyes when u talk to her :P thats sexy

    • Thanks! I always look people in the eyes, so that is a good thing. Hmm... those are some interesting places, I might try some of them out. For the club, the fact you can't hear my name might not be a bad thing... if you know what I mean ;)

      By the way, you are cute and I like your eyes. :)

    • lols, what? I don't think i get ur later part? why?

    • Haha. In case I was not looking for a relationship but only a fling, then I might not want you to know who I'm really am since it might just be a one time thing.

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  • That's a good question actually. Some places I just wouldn't be in the mood to be hit on. Like the grocery store. But maybe I don't know if I'm at a book shop or coffee shop definitely that sounds nice.

    • That's good to know. Thanks for the info!

  • When its day time and I'm not visibly in a rush and also when you're polite and good looking.

    • What if your polite, but not good looking?

    • You can try. I wouldn't be rude or anything unless I got approached rudely but I turn down guys who I'm not attracted to.

    • Ok, that makes sense.

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  • Depends on what you're looking for (ex: hookup, dating, relationship). If it's a hookup then a bar or a club. It also depends on the type of girl and if she's single or not. The place is not the most important thing. What's important is that they feel comfortable and safe around you. If you can make a girl feel that way and be confident while doing so meeting women shouldn't be a problem.

    • How do you make a girl feel comfortable or safe around you?

    • Depends on the girl. All of this is subjective to the person you're interacting with. If she's doing things like touching your arm or shoulder or smiling a lot that's a good sign. If she confides personal information to you it shows that she trusts you and if she is willing to spend time alone with you then she probably feels safe doing so. In the end you can't really make a girl feel that way around you it's just something that happens naturally.

    • Ok. Thanks!

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