If a guy and a girl fight a lot is there still a chance they'll stay together?

Recently I've been dating this girl I really like but even though I try as hard as I can to be kind to her she's always talking about how great her Ex's were. Recently we got into a fight (while texting) where she accused me of stalking her, and we both said some things that I'd rather not repeat here. Anyways I really love her and I want to know if any other girls have put up with guys like this, or if they've broken up in these kind of situations and what they wish the guy had done. Please keep in mind she is positive I was stalking her. Thank you!


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  • In my opinion it's kind of a red flag when someone is always talking about their ex (es). She's clearly not over them or she's playing games for whatever reason. Maybe she's trying to see how much you care, if you get jealous, and maybe she's just an oblivious ****.
    I don't know the extent of your "stalking" but I will say that she seems like she's defensive and deflecting it all on you. Like forget about anything she might be doing wrong, she's mad because you're stalking her.

    I think you need to have a calm talk in person. Express your feelings and concerns and tell her what exactly is bothering you and what led to your actions. If she can't own up to her part or she can't have a normal mature conversation, she isn't wroth the time and effort to be honest.

    There is arguing in any relationship. People are going to disagree and have their tiffs. What makes a relationship last is how you manage these things together and work things out. If there is effort on both parts, I think it's worth trying to mend things. If it's just not going to happen, sadly it's not going to happen. You can only do so much on your end. Maybe she's not ready to be what you need.

  • You're dating her but she says you're stalking her? Sounds like she's not that into you bro... But really though, too much fighting isn't good it means you lack a certain chemistry needed for a harmonious relationship.


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