Why might the guy im dating not want to hangout?:(

We've been on 7 dates. I wanted to hangout this weekend but he said he can't cause he wants to paint at home (hes an artist) yet he hungout with this guy friends tonight after he painted and he coulsnt even invite me:(I haven't seen him in a week and won't be seeing him until next weekend now. If a guy truly likes you will he want to hangout with you nomatter what?:'(


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  • he's busy...

  • you've been on 7 dates, and i get the impression you haven't made anything official, or initiate anything, so he's not going anywhere with you so why should he want to hang around a boring girl like you?

    • I asked him to hangout and do fun things.

    • oh ok good that you cleared that up, if he's a serious artist maybe he doesn't want the distraction, they are like that

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